Crisis support and management

'Crisis' is such a scary word, but in PR terms, it means any situation which could potentially cause damage to your organisation's reputation.  

We can help. 

In an ideal world, organisations have crisis strategies in place so that they know how to handle anything that crops up, and we work with organisations to create a crisis management strategy and disseminate it throughout their organisation so that, if the worse scenario occurs, there is a clear pathway for communications and responsibility.  We can also back this up with basic media training, if required.

For organisations that find themselves facing a crisis, we can quickly step in and help.  We usually work at the highest level of the organisation to agree what can and can't be said.  Our MD, Jay, has a law degree so is well used to speaking to legal representatives and turning their jargon into terminology that is more media-friendly, without prejudice!

We are geared up to handle crises whenever they occur - day or night.  One of our most high-profile and public was the flooding of JORVIK Viking Centre in December 2015, when we were called to the attraction on 27 December.  We worked closely with the senior management of York Archaeological Trust to create a communications strategy that not only dealt with the immediate problem - over a metre of water in the world-famous reconstruction of Viking-age York - but also laid the foundation for the rebuilding and reimagining of JORVIK over the next 16 months.

If you are facing a crisis situation, or just want some support or advice, give us a call on 01904 500698.