Public relations

We take on many different kinds of PR projects, from one-off news releases to writing commissions and long-term communications plans.  We often work alongside in-house PR teams on special projects or sometimes to offer a longer view of a project or initiative  securing reviews, editorials and features for our clients across a wide range of media, from BBC Breakfast to The Beano.

Our approach is creative and engaging; sometimes the best stories come from a tiny detail which deserves exploration as a means to showing the big picture.  We’ve got a good reputation with the media based upon balancing clients’ message with those that the journalists want to hear to develop features and articles that work for both.

We're also the right people to call when things aren't going so well; we will sit alongside you to handle any potential media crisis, creating a strategy for everyone in your organisation to follow, coaching spokespeople and taking steps to minimise any potential damage to your organisation's reputation.  And if it has been damaged, we can show you how to rebuild it in the future.