Giftwrap a castle? No problem! Throw anything at us...

Submitted byadmin onThu, 26/11/2015 - 03:56

It takes an awful lot to phase the Pyper team.  Want a medieval tower giftwrapped?  No problem!


This project - putting a bow around Clifford's Tower in York for a joint launch with Visit York of their 'Christmas Wrapped Up' campaign - is very dear to our hearts, as it was the very first job that we worked on when Pyper launched in November 2012.  Working closely with our client at English Heritage, we came up with the idea, visited the site to work out how it could be done and then - with our own fair hands - fashioned the huge 2.5m bow from chicken wire and covered it in fabric.

We then installed the ribbon around the entire exterior of the tower, making sure not to damage any of the historic masonry.  And we're sure you'll agree, the result is fantastic!