Curious photography

Submitted byJay onFri, 12/07/2019 - 13:50

Creating unusual imagery that stands out from the crowd is something for which Charlotte Graham has built a fantastic reputation, so it was fun to test her skills - and technology - with a project for Visit York.  

This series of photographs was taken without Photoshop - what you see is what was captured by the camera.  Of course, there was some special technology involved (as ghosts are incredibly unreliable, and simply will not stand in one place for any length of time) - a Pixelstick, which uses a long-exposure to create ghostly images.  Each shot took about ten seconds, with the Pixelstick operator walking (and hence invisible), whilst the light diodes on the tube created the image.  

Spookily good.  And huge thanks to Mad Alice, who was able to stand incredibly still to make these photos possible!